AViiQ Design Lab - See What's Cookin! July 01 2014

When we set out to design our own backpack, we realized that, when it comes to bags and backpacks, personal preferences and needs vary greatly.  So we decided to shift and focus on how we could make the backpacks we already own and love more adaptable to our on-the-go lifestyles.   

 “I already have some great backpacks, but I’d love for one that’s also designed to carry all my gadgets and keep it charged while I’m running around town.  So instead of designing a new backpack, why not design something that can make a great looking bag I already own, great looking and functional?” - Designer, Alan Yeung

 The base criteria we based our design on:

  • Slim & Sleek; fits in most backpacks
  • Has the ability to charge via outlet or on-the-go (integrated battery)
  • Can hold at least 4 devices (including a tablet) and their charging cables


Our current prototype checks all the boxes.  The material is a lightweight black rubberized nylon and it’s just 1.5 inches thick. 


We integrated our 4 port USB charging station components, including a 5200mAh battery so we can charge on-the-go.  And just like our traditional charging station, we can charge everything at the same time from one outlet. 


We designed in 4 neoprene pockets to drop our gadgets in, with one dedicated to a large tablet (up to 8 x 10.25 inches).  2 for phones, iPods, headsets, or portable hotspot and 1 more universal one. 


A convenient zipper pocket gives and additional place to store small things like video adapters, pens, or even a smaller size net-book charger.


Velcro cable stays help keep cables from getting tangled and out of the way.        


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