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Harry Potter ain't got nothin on this...
December 11 2014

AViiQ Design Lab - See What's Cookin!
July 01 2014

When we set out to design our own backpack, we realized that, when it comes to bags and backpacks, personal preferences and needs vary greatly.  So we decided to shift and focus on how we could make the backpacks we already own and love more adaptable to our on-the-go lifestyles.

Donate your Old Devices for the Holiday Season: Choosing a Charity
January 02 2014

  How many phones do you have in a box in your closet?  Be Honest.  Since technology has skyrocketed in terms of mobile communication, so has the electronic waste.  “Phone Hoarding,” as it is otherwise known, is the act of storing away one’s old devices to collect dust, thus allowing the product to slowly devalue.  What is the point?  It is the holiday season, and donating your unused mobile devices...

Best Cities for Free Wi-Fi
October 30 2013

Currently, we are more connected than we have ever been.  This can be both beneficial, and detrimental, to our daily tasks.  Without access to a network, our hardware is rendered useless in terms of communication.  When travelling, it is essential you have access to basic, modern amenities like Wi-Fi.  Whether it is to upload pictures, attend a business meeting, or simply Skype with a loved one, it is best to...

Can an AViiQ iPhone case improve your Friday night dinner experience?
January 22 2013

It's Friday night and I am having dinner with a group of friends. Here are my top three peeves: I have bulky pockets and create an iPhone + wallet Jenga on the table because I need to carry both a wallet and my iPhone. I distract my friends and have my privacy invaded when I get a text message and they see the message on my iPhone (I know I...

A Stroll Down The iPhone 5 Rumor Mill Lane
August 29 2012

Now that the iPhone 5 is so close to being unveiled, we thought it would be a fun opportunity to take a look back at all the rumors, ideas, concepts and speculations of what the iPhone 5 could have looked like. Some were amazing and some were just plain weird but one thing is certain, even with only a couple weeks left, no one can be 100% certain what the...
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